How we work with Lagur

When you purchase Lagur

you can be quite sure that you have an effective solution.

'No cure', 'No cost'

We guarantee that our chemical-free water treatment system is able to eliminate limescale and corrosion. It will also fight existing deposits in pipes and reduce germs in the water.

When installing our product

we agree with the customer several points of reference, which allow us to ascertain the effectiveness of the solution. Your specific plumbing, heating and sanitation interests can be accommodated in this system of assessment.

We also recommend

that your own technician installs the product so that they are familiar with the set-up at your site.

Patent Pending

We conduct a review

of the reference points after approximately three to four weeks, and draft a status report. This will conclude very simply whether or not there are any limescale deposits.

You need not keep the system

if you find it ineffective: as said, 'No cure', 'No cost'.