Numerous advantages

Our guarantee

We guarantee that 'Lagur', our chemical-free water treatment system, is able to eliminate limescale and corrosion. It will also fight existing deposits in pipes and reduce germs in the water. We say: 'No cure', 'No cost'.

Your water pipes

will be permanently protected against limescale, corrosion and deposits.

Limescale becomes amorphous

and is no longer able to form deposits. What occurs is a change in the physical structure of limescale ; the chemistry of the water is not altered. The calcium carbonate content in water remains the same, but appears in a powder form.

Existing calcification

is gradually broken down. The result is a markedly positive effect on your consumption of energy, on cleaning and maintenance costs and on more besides.

Lagur prevents the formation of limescale crust.

Instead, a thin amorphous chalk layer is created, which protects pipes.

alle apparater

til opvarmning af vand, som varmeveksler, bliver beskyttet.

husets maskiner

såsom jeres vaskeri, køkken mfl. skånes effektivt.


kan slukkes.


i forbindelse med bl.a. vandopvarmning reduceres.


ventiler, armaturer, cisterner mfl. beskyttes og holder længere.

5 års produkt garanti

ingen service eller vedligeholdelses udgifter.


forbedres og bliver revitaliseret.